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Please read.... The Entire Page!
You must mail your payment to me. Please do not call and ask me to explain this ...please read!

You will be speaking directly with me (the person in the pictures). I am not always available. Please be assured that you WILL speak with me even if I do not answer on the first call. We may need to arrange a time when we both are available (I guarantee to make it the best time of your life).


One 15 min. Call $32
Two 15 min. Calls $64

Snail mail:
Mail your payments in the form of a Check or Money order to:

PO Box 640
Boynton Beach, Fla 33425

Please send me an email so I know to expect your payment in the mail. I will reply when your payment is received with instructions on how to redeem your phone sex session.


*Monday - Sunday 8am - 9 pm EST

If I do not answer or ask you to call back in a few minutes or an hour or two I will expect You to understand.

Special times:
If these times are not good for your schedule we can set a time but if you cancel the appointment without 24 hour notice you forfeit the call.

*All times are subject to change without notification.


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